Michael Lalchandani

English 101

Final Portfolio

Final Reflection

            As the semester is winding down, I finally start to feel as if my writing is catching up with me. In my two essays that were used for my final portfolio, I really get a sense of what its like to read and re read something over until it does not even look like English anymore. Although I cannot say my work is perfect or will ever be anything relatively close, I can say my best effort to change and re-work these essays together was put in. It’s almost like taking a car apart and putting it back together piece by piece while understanding how to assemble it while its being done. In this semester, I can honestly say I have learned more about English than in all my years of schooling combined.

            My first essay, Facebook Increases Job Unemployment, I basically stripped my entire first final copy down, which I called my “zero final” and took it to the work shop. I took mostly just the conclusion and a few ideas and sentences from bits and pieces to start off fresh with my new essay. Here I was a tad bit stuck because I had never written a final essay “fresh” without anyone’s help prior. I slowly learned what needed to be done. With my intro having mostly just a sentence or two from my conclusion I started off fresh taking the fourth paragraph example and moving it to the first and take the ideas merely talked about in paragraph two and making it a thesis idea for the latter half of the essay. With my main topics, face recognition technology, background checks and advanced data base searches as my three main ideas I set off in writing my essay. I found my hardest challenge to be trying to assimilate the ideas of the two authors from the modules into my essay. This was difficult because I was talking about social media technology and Facebook, while the authors were talking about Google and how readers are distracted by ads, and have a lack of concentration for the information that is presented to them. This connection was hopefully made because I spent a great ordeal of time reading the articles trying to find any link possible to connect the two together. Although this was a challenge I kept my mind at it and completed the essay.

            While looking for a second essay to choose to fix, I looked at what would make the most sense for me to write about. In this choice I looked for something that I could show some emotion into because I was lacking that in my own papers and life. This led me to choose the Mean Girls Review in which I discussed a completely different side of the movie while watching the movie a 10th time in about a week. This movie was stripped down in my eyes to the most basic fundamentals and ideas that I never thought I could see before. Here I basically started fresh trying to follow the same format as the previous essay, taking ideas here and there. In this essay I looked for flow and emotion to lead me through the end. I enjoyed this essay the most because it showed me the true meaning of Mean Girls. My new essay was basically new except for the camera angles section, which I found no need to change because those were more of facts than opinions. This essay showed me how difficult reviewers have it trying to convey how they feel while trying not give too much away.

            This assignment has taught me a lot about writing as a whole. The main idea is that practice, practice and more practice is the key to becoming a successful writer. I personally feel that experiencing this type of writing will give me a different outlook on how I will proofread and work on my final essays upcoming next semester.



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