9 A.M

As everyone on campus knows, today the curfew for leaving was 9 a.m. To me, this didn’t seem like much of a problem until I realized that my train does not leave until one. Hoping that my room would buy me an hour or two until I can leave for the station I did not even make it 30 minutes before I found myself outside on the campus for “trespassing” school property. To me, this is ridiculous because of the fact that it was just for an hour or two, not the entire break! Some of the rules created here make no sense and the fact that they do not follow up on the important ones such as no smoking on campus but follow up on leaving dorms on time is a little out of proportion. On the contrary, it is Thanksgiving break and school is far behind! Have a good break everybody.


3 thoughts on “9 A.M

  1. nicoleshepardson

    I found this to be very funny because I didn’t think they were actually going to kick people out. You should have just hid in your closet or something so they wouldn’t find you. Or you could have filled out one of those papers that said you need a couple of hours before you leave.

  2. saracheang

    I can’t believe they actually kicked you out of your own room! I understand exactly what you mean though when you say Buffalo is extremely strict on some policies and lenient on others. I always see students and even professors smoking around campus despite UB being a smoke free campus. Cigarette butts are littered all outside Capen Library. What did you do for those few hours when you were kicked out for trespassing?

  3. klbutkie

    I’m actually really surprised that they kicked you out of your room! I agree that some of the policies and rules may seem strict or even ridiculous where as some seem not to matter at all. It is very frustrating that they would be some strict about you being in your room a couple hours past 9 while tons of people walk around campus smoking. There were papers that you could fill out to buy you some time but 9am is very early. Maybe they could have pushed the time back. Sorry you got kicked out of your room for trespassing! Hope you enjoyed your break!


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