The Weekend

Here at Buffalo there are many things to do on the weekend besides partying and going out. For the first time I found myself watching a movie with friends and just hanging out in the dorms. It may not be the most fun, but it is good for a change to meet new people and experience new things. On the weekend there are activities such as watching movies, joining a club, playing sports outside, going to the gym, or even meeting new people in your hall. These activities are very low stress, while still having fun. I enjoy low stress activities like these because it allows for relaxation and enjoying the things that do not involve partying and going out. This weekend taught me that it is not always necessary to go out to have fun.


1 thought on “The Weekend

  1. siennagronowski

    I agree. Even though I don’t live in the dorms here at school, I still have a lot of friends at home who only go out on weekends, and sometimes weekdays. Since last weekend I celebrated my birthday, I went out a lot with my friends and most nights were crazy. Before that, I spent most of my weekends sitting at home and doing things I really enjoy, like reading and watching movies. It’s so much better to spend time by yourself or with a few friends, than going out with a lot of people. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a lot of fun to go and party, but having a nice night with a few people is definitely more relaxing and more appealing to me.


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