Freshman Year

As this semester is coming to an end, I am sure all of us are excited to go home and be with our families. The best part about being this far in the semester is seeing how I have progressed as a student. There have been days where I wonder if this is the right school for me, but as I look back I think the choice was right to attend Buffalo. The biggest difference for me is the people here. Everyone here seems to make the University worth the stay because of the qualities they possess. These qualities that others possess make me want to become a better person myself. As a person I can see the change in myself from the irresponsible person who could not even wake up in time for high school, to someone who looks forward to class in college. This semester and the people I met have taught me how to become a more responsible student while still having a good time.Image


2 thoughts on “Freshman Year

  1. mgbeojirikwe619

    Wow, this picture is breath-taking. I love this bird’s eye view of North Campus. Yes I really can’t wait to go home to my family. I mean, I love college but I think I love going back to my family even more. I feel that I also made a right choice to attend here. My friend said this was a big campus and at first, I agreed that it was, but it was just a matter of time before I got to know everywhere and learn how to get to all my classes without having to go outside in the cold. I love how I can always get a little snack everywhere I go, so I am never hungry. I also look forward to go to class everyday, even though my friends do not.

  2. smokun721

    I find myself questioning sometimes did I make the right choice also. In the end I always say that I did. My professors are great and I got a great group of friends. I am very happy with my choice of Buffalo. When I talk to my friends it seems like they’re not having as much fun. I feel like I wouldn’t be having as much fun if I went somewhere else.


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