Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Train Ride

On this long train ride home, which is about 8 hours long I start to wonder if going home is really as exciting as it was before I left my dorm room. The craze to be home is slowly fading because after about a day or so, and my only thought becomes when am I returning to school. School somehow seems like a better place to be in with more independence and freedom than if one was at home. Listening to my mother and fathers “wise words” and commands are going to be hard considering none of us have done it for a few months. Although it seems like it is going to be a good time to sit down and enjoy quality time with my family, I am quite unsure of how long the excitement will actually last for. Tonight should determine all of the questions I have for the last few months.


9 A.M

As everyone on campus knows, today the curfew for leaving was 9 a.m. To me, this didn’t seem like much of a problem until I realized that my train does not leave until one. Hoping that my room would buy me an hour or two until I can leave for the station I did not even make it 30 minutes before I found myself outside on the campus for “trespassing” school property. To me, this is ridiculous because of the fact that it was just for an hour or two, not the entire break! Some of the rules created here make no sense and the fact that they do not follow up on the important ones such as no smoking on campus but follow up on leaving dorms on time is a little out of proportion. On the contrary, it is Thanksgiving break and school is far behind! Have a good break everybody.

The Weekend

Here at Buffalo there are many things to do on the weekend besides partying and going out. For the first time I found myself watching a movie with friends and just hanging out in the dorms. It may not be the most fun, but it is good for a change to meet new people and experience new things. On the weekend there are activities such as watching movies, joining a club, playing sports outside, going to the gym, or even meeting new people in your hall. These activities are very low stress, while still having fun. I enjoy low stress activities like these because it allows for relaxation and enjoying the things that do not involve partying and going out. This weekend taught me that it is not always necessary to go out to have fun.

Freshman Year

As this semester is coming to an end, I am sure all of us are excited to go home and be with our families. The best part about being this far in the semester is seeing how I have progressed as a student. There have been days where I wonder if this is the right school for me, but as I look back I think the choice was right to attend Buffalo. The biggest difference for me is the people here. Everyone here seems to make the University worth the stay because of the qualities they possess. These qualities that others possess make me want to become a better person myself. As a person I can see the change in myself from the irresponsible person who could not even wake up in time for high school, to someone who looks forward to class in college. This semester and the people I met have taught me how to become a more responsible student while still having a good time.Image



It’s that time of year again, the time when most students want to go home and see their families and professors just need a break from being at work. Although this is true, these three weeks are the home stretch for most students to make it or break it for their fall semester of freshman year. With exams sneaking up around the corner, many students do not understand the danger of relaxing for the last few weeks before break. With many students partying, sleeping in, or even just procrastinating the grades that were once acceptable may now have you in the danger zone of failing. To prevent this, students may simply just need to work through the pain so that when they are home, it becomes just that much more rewarding.