With the upcoming hurricane hitting this week, is keeping the University open really worth it? Many other institutions have already canImagecelled school for Monday and Tuesday. Hurricane Sandy may cause more harm with the school open than closed. With winds gusting at maximum wind speed of 75 mph the smart thing to do would be to close the school. The numbers never lie and with more schools closing in the upcoming hours the safety of students should be put first over anything. The liability of people becoming injured over something that could of been prevented is enough of an excuse to close in the first place. With the worst the thing happening is no school, the safety and lives of others are still protected by doing so.


One thought on “Weather

  1. samfaso

    I agree, classes really should be cancelled at UB due to Hurricane Sandy. The high winds are potentially dangerous to any student walking outside because they could be struck by falling objects from buildings or from falling street signs and trees. The conditions are not safe for driving so commuters will have a more difficult journey to campus than usual. UB should also be considering that many students have hometowns that are currently flooding and facing extreme disaster. Students are not on fully concentrating on their academic studies while they fear for their own safety and for the safety of their family and friends at home. I will be very disappointed in the system if the storm persists and classes remain in session.


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