College Habits

Every day is a different day in college with time being the biggest factor for freshman students in the current fall semester. Everyone is not an expert on mastering time coming into college which causes problems for the first few weeks. Most students make these problems in the first few weeks which can cause hassle later in the semester. Some of these problems include failing to understand the responsibility of being alone without parents which many students do not overcome very easily. It is always easier to make the wrong decision than it is to make the right one. Another problem students face is procrastination. Procrastination leads to time wasted and life long habits of putting things off. Students always face these problems because of the tendencies to do the wrong thing instead of the right. Partying and drinking seem to be more of a norm instead of studying and educating ourselves to become better individuals.


One thought on “College Habits

  1. siushi

    I couln’t agree with you anymore! I find it that it is not the material being taught that is hard, it is just finding the time to engage into the material is a problem. It seems like everyday is packed for me. Even though I have the weekends to catch up on unfinished work, there is always so much stuff to do. When you are done with one task there is always things you may want to touch up on or review again for the test later. Also it seems that ever since I have started to go to school to finish my homework, I don’t have that parential figure looking over me anymore (my stimulus to get going). So I often do more napping than working. Aye. haha


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