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Education Waist Up

Everyone correlates education to the brain, but what about the rest of the body? In Ken Robinson’s TED talk he explains to us how as the years go by children turn from creative individuals who express their minds freely to adults with zero creativity. Ken mentions that people are not prepared to be wrong, and never prepared to be original which explains the amount of fear that is put into being wrong. Being wrong in today’s society is almost like a crime when it comes to things that matter. The realization that everyone is human is always looked over. Part of the problem is our educators, if excellence is not pursued then what is? That is something I felt all throughout school starting freshman year. Mr. Robinson mentions how in the next 30 years more people will graduate high school and college then ever. This inflates the value of an education and makes it less valuable when it will matter most. Many children do not need to be a mathematics genius’ or in the health profession to become something successful. Creativity comes with doing what you love, and success comes with loving with you do.Image



In today’s world many people claim that they have lost their creativity due to technology. But how many of us actually want it back? Today in school our professors do not ask us to be creative in our schoolwork but rather to complete it and do as well as possible. Today people correlate success to hard work, talent, and a long list of things besides creativity. Although many of us consciously state that there is no creativity in our lives, none of us are trying to find it back. Advancing technology causes people’s uniqueness to differ less and less each succeeding year from the start of the era. In today’s time it’s easier to be the same than to be who we as individuals really are.Image



Everyone has a choice to use technology for the good or the bad. Most teens and young adults abuse it and overuse it to an extent that it becomes part of our daily lives and even worse, a part of us. Can anyone really go a whole day without messaging friends or checking Twitter? I sure know I can’t. reports that over fifty percent of Americans now have a smart phone. That is about 128 million people wasting countless hours daily checking useless amounts of posts/ blogs/ etc… Chances are you are not even reading this article with your full attention. Many times people do not even realize the amount of time wasted until it is already way to late. Even my own decisions to postpone the due dates of assignments is becoming stronger and stronger with each day. Our decisions are to blame for the addiction of the most powerful drug out there. Technology.

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